NNG Italy, medici, nutrizione, genomica
NNG Italy, medici, nutrizione, genomica, formazione, ECM
European NETWORK

In 2014 the group took Italy NNG based in London (England) with the aim of creating an international network of professionals and companies in the field of Nutritional, Genomic and Medical.

Training Events

We work with the innovation, then we place primary emphasis on the training of our employees but also of professionals who choose to follow our path. 


We then specialized in organizing training events of various types and sizes:


1) Round tables to showcase new products or services

2) Curriculums on-line intended for professionals and collaborators

3) Congress

NNG Italy, medici, nutrizione, genomica, ricerca
NNG Italy, medici, nutrizione, genomica, export, Regno Unito
Clinical Reports


The collection of clinical data and creating clinical reports is an integral part of our experience and advice. 


NNG offers companies and its partners the opportunity to grow even scientifically, becoming more aware of the potential and quality of their products and services.


NNG Italy contact professionals and companies interested in the collection of clinical data on their products.





Today it is unthinkable to design a growth path of an Italian company without providing a positioning on the European market. 


We therefore offer our partners a European network of professionals to facilitate the start of exports to EU countries.


Through our channels, e-commerce promoted at European level, we offer immediate and real opportunity to take abroad the quality of Made in Italy

Our Partners