NNG Italy, medici, nutrizione, genomica, rete
NNG Italy, medici, nutrizione, genomica, ricerca

Our Mission


NNG stands for Nature, Nutrition and Genomics.


The team of NNG Italy firmly believes in the importance of scientific information in the educational growth of professionals in biomedical research, medicine and nutrition.


NNG Italy is a provider of events, webinars and training workshops to offer a continuous update on innovative products, new technologies and also on the latest discoveries in biomedics and nutrition.


NNG Italy offers to its members the support of a growing network of marketing and communication professionals that operates in Italy and UK. This team of experts works alongside medical professionals and companies in the industry helping with commercial tools for an organic growth.


Nature, Nutrition, Genomics and the best of "Made in Italy" in the sector, are the pillars of our Mission, together with the hundreds of professionals who follow, who share our values ​​and support us in our ventures.



For infos on how to work with us, please email:

NNG Italy, medici, nutrizione, genomica,